CVHS JAG students Declan Mercolini and Falicia Valenzuela

Students from the Jobs for Arizona Graduates Program at CVHS visited a Governing Board meeting recently to share their experiences in the newly implemented program.  

JAG Program Coordinator Mr. Gronwald introduced his students after saying he was proud of their growth and the many challenges they have taken on this year. This is why teachers get into education.

Students Felicia Valenzuela (pictured above), Mathew Piper, and Declan Mercolini (pictured above) addressed the Board.

Falicia Valenzuela stated the program has brought her so much closer to figuring out a path after high school. There was no way she could have done public speaking before this class and now she can. She has met a lot of good people and made many friends this year. 

Mathew Piper shared some of the opportunities JAG offers students, like job shadowing, and competitions. They do a lot of team-building work. The JAG students have learned there are a ton of opportunities out there. Whether it is a career or higher education, everything is done with a spirit of professionalism. He spoke on the Love Project, which helps students to identify and make an effort to fix issues within their community. They have been meeting with the Elementary School to initiate working with younger students, to assist them with their school work and/or with relationships.   

Declan Mercolini spoke on problem-based learning opportunities and participation in community events. The JAG students are now talking to other students about mental health awareness and how to deal with issues and find help. He knows the program has made him and every student in the program more confident and a better person overall. The Love Program has been instrumental. It is nice to know what it feels like to help someone else.

Each of the students thanked Mr. Gronwald for his outstanding leadership.